How does OneShot Work?

Who can participate?

The following are examples of people who may want to join in on the competition:

  • Rappers or MC's
  • Producers
  • Singers and Song Writers
  • Remixers
  • DJ's / Turntablist
  • Musicians
  • Videographers / Video Editors
  • Graffiti Artists
  • Visual Artists
  • Karaoke Kings
  • Pranksters
  • Anyone who is competitive and loves a good challenge.
  • Anyone who likes free promotion : winners will get a page on as well as backlinks to their sites. This includes free promotion on social media platforms as well.

What Do I need?

In order to get started you need to have the follow items:

  • Talent and Passion.
  • A camera for recording your live performance
  • If an event has already started, you will need to download the supplement track and select the event at signup. For competitive events look for the download icon = ""
  • If you want to select a DJBigdad Beat that isn't already in competition, browse the site and select the beat/instrumental at signup.
  • Always credit a producer or collaborating artist. Also make sure to have his/her links handy during signup.
  • We all prefer quality recordings so try to use a mic as it will just sound better. Same for video, iphone and android phones work pretty well, but there are more professional options.
  • Knowledge on how to upload your video to Facebook, Facebook Live, Youtube or Vimeo. All video submissions must be set to public!
  • Extra points will be added to the performer for creativity of location, delivery and style.

Ready to signup for the competition?

Submit your craft today to participate in the action!