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Madison and John are two birds of different feathers. Madison is a homebody while John is a “the world is your oyster” kinda guy. The enjoy each others company while playing video games or watching MasterChef. Madison came from the West Coast and immigrated to the Midwest while John has stayed local but traveled all over. Madison couldn’t grow anything in the ground, not even crabgrass while John’s thumb is greener than a troll’s. Madison is artistic and works on projects with her parents while John can barely draw a line. These differences are because they are opposites and complement each other. The make each other stronger and better which in turn brings them closer. Please join us and enjoy their union. For event details check out the about page.

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Where we first met

Madison and John first crossed each other’s path at Mythos. Now fast forward a few years and they live together and have a few kitties. They have decided that it was time to get hitched and have everyone join them in this experience. Madison is a special lady for choosing John and John is, straight up, the luckiest man alive.

  • Respect

  • Understanding

  • Sacrifice

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Thank you for attending the John and Madison wedding event. Now that the event is over, please submit your 6-12 best images! Curious how to do this? Follow the instructions in this video to help you through the process. This video will show you how our system is setup to collect titles, captions and categorize each image. Each gallery that you create will also allow you to tag the attendees in your images. Take an extra moment to tell your story and perspective. John and Madison will be able to enjoy these galleries for years to come, so please only submit your best. “We truly appreciate your participation in helping us create a Digital Scrapbook”

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